Vacations in Rocky Mountains Canada

Imagine waking up and looking through the window you can see mountain peaks covered by snow, green-blue conifers with some snowflakes all around, feel the soft breeze circling over the large forests…, breath pure and fresh air every morning…

Thus we can describe what we call an unforgettable experience lived anywhere you stay in Rocky Mountains.

They spread from the East of Colorado, United States, till the Central region of Vancouver province, Canada, and they have got a lot of lodgings along de mountain ranges. Some of them, as the important tourist city of Banff in Canada, join into some of the National Parks surrounded by the natural beauty characteristic of the place, giving in this way the best option for tourists who want to spend some days into nature. They organize excursions to the main tourist places; do a lot of activities in relation with tourism adventure as skiing or trekking and a lot of others that you can do only in this special place.

There are different kinds of lodgings for your vacations in Rocky Mountains: hotels, cottages and some camping’s. Also, there are tourist Centers that besides giving you lodging, they include many other services and comfort you wait for as restaurants, bars, conference room, leisure room, indoor swimming pool, tennis court, and obviously, the possibility of program different excursions to all natural attractions in the zone.