Banff Ablerta Canada

It is in the Valley of Bow River, surrounded by Rocky Mountains of a height of about 1.463meters above the sea level. It is the highest city in Canada and the first district into a National Park.

Banff is the most inhabited city (6.700 inhabitants) into Banff National Park and it is one of the most important places tourists look for, because it is surrounded by mountains and thermal water. It is able to practice any open air sport like ski.

Sunshine Village Ski and Norway

Some of the mountains at the sides of Banff have got ski-rinks and tracks.

Among the most popular attractions are the Montaņa de Azufre, with a cabin to go up to the top from where you can appreciate the South and the Bow Valley along the upper side of Bow River.

Banff Upper Hot Springs

It is another popular attraction. It has got thermal water in an open air swimming pool, from where you can see Rundle Valley.

The mountain tunnel also represents a natural attraction near Canadian Banff city of Alberta. It is just a place for long strolls and climbing in a low danger level most of the way. The outward journey is 2,15kilometers up to the top, from where you can see all the city, the river, the valley and the rocky mountains as a background.

Banff city is in Alberta province, Canada, 126kilometers West from Calgary city and 840kilometers East from Vancouver. The nearest town is Lake Louise at 58kilometers from Banff city.