Regions from Rocky Mountains

Southern Rockies

The Southern Rockies are part of mountain chains of United Status and they ocupy the centre of New Mexico state, the centre-west region of Colorado State and a small part on the South of Wyoming State.

The Sothern Rockies are the widest system and the highest regions comparing all the Rocky Mountains system.

This Rocky Mountains Region is part of National Park and the United States Rocky Mountains.

The National Park was created in 1951 and it has a surface of 1.076square kilometers. Its landscape shows high hills and throats, lakes and valleys.

The highest hill is about 4.399metres high (14.433feet), it is called “Monte Elbert” in Colorado. In this Rocky Mountain Region there are also a great deal of mountain peaks of about 4.260, and among them you will find “Longs Peak” of about 4,345metres high (14.255feet) and Pokes Peak of about 4.301metres high (14.110feet).

Central Rockies

The Central Rockies spread from the South of Montana, the West region of Wyoming State and the North-east of UTA. This region has got rocky mountains and some of them are over 4.180metres high, as Fremont Peaks of 4.185metres, Grand Teton of 4.197metres, and the highest central region, Gannett of 4.207metres high.

The first United States National Park is in the Central Rockies, National Park Yellowstone with a surface of about 8.987square kilometers and the National Park, Grand Teton with 1.255square kilometers.

Beartooth, Bighorn, Wind River, Absaroka, Wasatch and Vinta, the rivers Salt and Snake and Teton Peak are part of The Central Rockies.

Northern Rocky Mountains

The Northern Rocky Mountain Region are on the North of Idazo, on the West of Montana and on the North-east of Washington.

The highest peaks are Granite Peak of about 3.901metres (12.799 feet) and the Borah Peak of about 3.859metres high (12.662 feet).

Among Northern Rocky Mountains Region you can see Glacier National Park. It conserves a big natural part of glaciers and lakes.

The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are between the South-west of Alberta and the South-west of Britain Columbia. These Rocky Mountain Region are formed by a narrow mountain range which finishes in the Central-east of Britain Columbia.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Region are part of four National Parks: Kootenay national Park which is on the South-east of Britain Columbia and it spreads about 1406square kilometers.

Waterton Lakes Nacional Park :
It is at the South-west corner of Alberta. And It has got about 505square kilometers.

Yoho Nacional Park:
It is in Britain Columbia area at the occidental bottom of the Rocky Mountains.

Banff Nacional Park:
It is on the West of Calgary, Alberta. It has got about 6.641square kilometers and it has got a great deal of ice fields and glaciers and conifer woods. It is the oldest Canadian National Park created in 1885.

Jasper Lakes Nacional Park:
It is in Alberta, on the North of Banff Natinal Park and on the West of Edmonton city. It is the biggest park of Barcelona and it spread 10.878square meters.

Mount Robson:
It has got 3.954meters high (12.972 feet). It is the highest point in Barcelona.